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Sluzhenye Nizhny Novgorod region NGO Support Center is pleased to offer the following services for nonprofit organizations:

Professional development for NGO leaders

  • concultations and informational support on organizational development, management and planning, social PR, fundraising;
  • seminars and training courses for NGOs;
  • newsletters service;
  • NGO library.


Consolidation and defending interests of NGOs

  • NGO Leaders’ Club;
  • NGO fairs;
  • lawmaking activity;
  • participation in organizing and conducting the NGO Weeks in Nizhny Novgorod.


NGOs and social initiatives informational support

  • Agency of Social Information: daily and weekly news bulletins;
  • support of cooperation with authorities and media;
  • PR and information support for NGOs campaigns and other events in social field;
  • holding on special social events and long-term social programmes development


Charity development

  • Nizhny Novgorod Charity Seasons;
  • charity campaigns - The White Flowers, Don't cry, little one, The Singing Hearts;
  • festival of kind actions "The Kind Nizhny".


Local communities development

  • TOS institutions informational and orgranizational support;
  • seminars and training courses for local communities leaders.